An IU student stood in Tahrir Square

On the other side of the world, Egypt’s Tahrir Square continues to be a focal point of unrest as the military drags its feet about democracy. In that crowd? An IU student spending a semester at American University in Cairo, now under arrest for allegedly throwing firebombs at security forces. Some of his tweets, before they were removed from Twitter:

“Earlier tonight rubber bullets, a charge then a retreat. My knee and elbows are (expletive) up.”

“I feel so reckless.”

“We were throwing rocks and one guy accidentally threw his phone.”

“Six hours – enough tear gas.”

“Yes live bullets. We have the shells I was here.”

Just last Sunday, he wrote, “honestly, hopefully I die here.”

If your majors are Political Science and Arabic, you can’t get much more immersive education; more course work would be superfluous. On a more serious note, 29 are dead in the latest round of violence. May he and the others return safely and the violence cease.

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